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Volunteer Team


Personally Engaged. Professionally Connected.

Communities and businesses need each other. Working in partnership, businesses and nonprofits can better benefit the community. Businesses can build visibility and good will within the community by supporting efforts of nonprofits through monetary donations, sponsorships, and company-wide volunteer efforts. With so many nonprofits to choose from, businesses without a dedicated community development employee may benefit from a consultant who can match their mission and passions with one or several nonprofit organizations to support.


Bringing clarity among choices

The shear number of nonprofits can make it overwhelming to know where to find organizations that will be a good fit for businesses and their employees. What will maximize financial and volunteer investment? What will bring the most community impact and business visibility? Who will take the time out of their work day to learn about the options and vet the nonprofit organizations? Dr. Lash Esau's understanding of family and community systems, and years of personal volunteer service with many community organizations, provide her with the knowledge to identify suitable nonprofits to support and the creative ideas to help businesses develop and implement an effective community engagement plan.


Focus on your business

By partnering with Dr. Lash Esau to build a business-specific community engagement plan, owners, leaders, and employees can focus on what they do best and not take on additional responsibilities of building and implementing a community engagement plan or program. Services include:

  • Clarifying business goals for community engagement and the scope of consulting

  • Assessing current community engagement efforts

  • Getting to know the business' mission, priorities, interests, and capacity for community service and support

  • Engaging company leaders and staff for input

  • Identifying nonprofit and other community organizations that fit well with the business

  • Developing a personalized community engagement plan with steps for implementation

  • Making connections between the chosen nonprofit(s) and the company

  • Follow up to assess whether goals have been met and/or adjustments need to be made.


Because company goals and needs vary, quotes are customized following a free, initial consultation. Contact Dr. Lash Esau and see what benefits a strategic community engagement plan can bring to your business and your community.

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