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Insightful. Approachable.

Nonprofit organizations may need fractional leadership during start up or interim leadership with the sudden departure of an executive director. Sometimes, it is best for a transitional leader to step in from outside rather than for an internal employee or board member to take the role. Dr. Lash Esau has a range of training and experience that enables her to quickly do a "deep dive" to understand organizations and programs. She also has a warm, engaging personal style with strong interpersonal skills that enable her to get to know people quickly and put them at ease. This is important to provide a sense of calm and confidence during times of transition.

Executive leadership experience to benefit your organization

Contact Dr. Lash Esau for your free, initial consultation to discuss how she can help your organization. Her broad-based experience includes:

  • Infusing organizations and teams with energy, ideas, and a focus on purpose

  • Working with nonprofit boards to progress towards goals

  • Building beneficial community and stakeholder relationships

  • Recruiting, interviewing, hiring, and supervising outstanding staff

  • Successfully managing challenging budgets

  • Effectively developing, reviewing, evaluating, and revising programs

  • Producing successful grant writing and fund-raising efforts

  • Recruiting, engaging, coordinating, and inspiring volunteers to achieve goals

  • Expertise in youth, family, and community issues.


Interim leadership enables the Board to focus on the search

Your organization may not need all of the above, so Dr. Lash Esau will work with the Board to determine goals for the fractional or temporary leadership. She'll use her experience and collaborative approach to work with staff to continue the mission of your organization and address challenges that may come up. Knowing the important roles and responsibilities of Board members, she will provide clear communication with the Board during her time with the organization. Relieving the Board or any one Board member from taking on the responsibility of leading the organization will enable the Board to focus on conducting a thorough search for new, permanent leadership. Please reach out to see if Dr. Lash Esau will be a good fit to meet your needs for interim leadership.

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