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Thorough. Systemic.

There are many reasons nonprofits need to evaluate their programs. Funders require evidence of effectiveness for programs they have supported, especially for ongoing funding or grants. Sometimes, nonprofits experience mission drift or purposefully change their mission, and programs may no longer fit with. Dr. Lash Esau has a range of training and experience that enables her to quickly do a "deep dive" to understand your organization and programs. This facilitates a meaningful, thorough, objective evaluation. Leadership can use evaluation results to support their efforts in the eyes of funders, make strategic decisions regarding future directions, improve or eliminate programs, as well as a number of other uses.

Customized program evaluation services

Organization needs and situations are different, so quotes are customized following a free, initial consultation. Services include:

  • Organizational overview and identifying goals for the evaluation 

  • Identifying and including stakeholders who are involved and impacted

  • Evaluation of measures of effectiveness currently in use

  • Identifying and recommending measures of effectiveness

  • Reporting on the effectiveness of current programs, program fit with organizational mission, and suggestions for the future of the programs

  • Other program evaluation services as needed.


Broad experience with all stakeholders in mind

She has brought organization-based stakeholders together with community-based stakeholders to get their perspectives and critiques of existing programs to provide vision for future changes. Coupled with assessment-based evidence of effectiveness, major improvements were made in certain programs, and others were determined to be obsolete. Making changes based on the evaluations enabled the organizations to provide more effective, relevant programs benefitting all stakeholders.


While nonprofits have staff who know their programs inside and out, they may lack the strong evaluation background needed to effectively assess the programs, or they may be so vested in the programs that they find it hard to be objective if major change is indicated. Dr. Lash Esau will bring her objective perspective along with experience in program evaluation practices to provide your nonprofit with solid information about program effectiveness so you can make program changes when necessary and prove to funders and potential donors that your organization is a good investment for their philanthropy dollars.

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